How To Decorate A Small Condo

Small condos can be one of the most affordable options to live in the cities. But it is important to decorate it in the right way to ensure that the space doesn’t look crunched or too clumsy. Small condos can be decorated in different ways depending on whether your space is fully furnished or not. When you are decorating a small condo, make sure to keep it minimal yet stylish. Using lighter colors and glass partition wall can help to make the space look more open and airy. Read on to get some great decorating ideas for small condos.

Tips for decorating small condos

Here are some of the best tips and ideas on how you can decorate small condos in the best way possible:

  1. Choosing the right interior colors

When it comes to choosing the interior colors for small condos, you have to choose the neutral or light pastel shades. You can choose a color from either blush color palette, pastel color palette, or neutral color palette. The blush color palette has some beautiful light pinkish colors like dusty pink, rose pink, pale pink and more shades of pink. Pastel color palette comes with colors like mint green, lavender, peach, turquoise green, and more. These colors can look really bright and pretty. The next color palette is the neutral color palette which is the safest bet. This palette comes with colors like – grey, white and beige. These colors make your space look more open and bright. See this to get more ideas about the wall color ideas for your small condo.

  1. Create different zones and illusions

If you have a small condo, then you need to make sure that you are defining a room by creating different zones. A room can serve many purposes and you can make most of a small space when you incorporate zones in the layout. For example, you can use a corner in your bedroom for lounging or studying just by adding a furniture piece and rugs. You can a lamp too to brighten up that corner so that it looks more functional. Creating illusions can help you to make your space look bigger and more spacious. To create an illusion, you can place a mirror very tactfully. A floor-to-ceiling mirror can make your space look more defined and provide an impression of depth.

  1. Light-colored long curtains

While decorating a space, you have to ensure that you are using curtains. Curtains play a vital role in enhancing the overall beauty and aesthetic of the space. The floor-to-ceiling curtains can be the best addition for the small condos. It can make the wall of your condo look taller than they actually are. If the space is small with shorter walls, then use light-colored (especially pastel or neutral colors) curtains. Light colors help the natural light to come in which can be a great way to make your small condo look much more open up.

  1. Use glass walls for partition

If you want to create a partition between two spaces in a single room, it is better not to use a solid wall or an opaque material. The best way to decorate your small condo is by using frameless sliding glass walls (More Like This) as they look quite classy and sophisticated. The best part is that it doesn’t obstruct the view or the light. The light can flow easily which ensures that your space looks spacious and open. Having a sliding glass wall also ensures that you can have seamless access to the separated zone or space. Sliding the glass for accessing the space can help you to save some space.

  1. Make the most of dead or unused space

Do not leave any space dead or unused. That doesn’t mean you have to make the whole space look clumsy. You can use the dead or unused space for storage or just for lounging. Look for the unused spaces in your condo and think about how you can use them to the fullest. For example, you can use the space under your bed for storage boxes to keep your linens and other important things. You can find some spaces like this to use for creating a storage space or lounging space. You can make most of it just by installing a sliding glass door (see this) for separating the space and make it more functional.

  1. Choose multi-functional or dual-purpose furniture

Having a small condo doesn’t mean that you have to live with less. You need to take some wise decisions by choosing furniture pieces that are multi-functional. This can help you to make most of your space when you invest in furniture pieces with double duty. For example, you can use beds that can be folded back into a sofa. Hence when you are not using the bed, you can fold it into the sofa for sitting and lounging. This can save a lot of space. There are many multi-purpose furniture pieces that you can buy for your small condos to decorate as well as make them functional and efficient.

  1. Unclutter the condo with proper storage options

It is important to keep the small condos clutter-free. That means you must invest in some great storage options to keep the belongings in the right place. For small condos, it is better to invest in vertical storage i.e. tall and narrow. This can help you to keep the condo well-decorated and neat. When there is a space crunch, it is important to keep the space tidy. If you leave things on the floor of a small condo, it can look very clumsy and clustered.

Unclutter the condo


These are some of the best decoration ideas that you can use for decorating small condos. See this to get some ideas about how you can plan a perfect decor for your condo. It can be really challenging for people to decorate a small condo in the best way possible. When you are investing in a small condo decoration, make sure that you are ensuring it to be more functional and efficient. Each and every space matters a lot and planning to utilize those spaces in the right way is very important. The above-mentioned ideas can help you to get the best result.