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Transformation ~ a poetry reading

  • 99 Montrose Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11206 United States (map)

Please join Spoonbill Studios [99 Montrose] for a poetry reading with Alex Patrick Dyck, Jessica Rae Elsaesser, Lauren O'Connor, and Adrienne Herr. Healing is not just a matter of isolating harmful actors, but of growth, generation. The poets of this series are moving towards transformation. Their work is part of a vast network of new cells cascading into the fractures we've inherited, and those we unknowingly deepen.

Alex Patrick Dyck is a poet and splosh artist. She is a romantic hoarder of sentimental trash and trampled roses, an altar builder, and a memory gatherer. Alex lives and works in New York. Dyck has curated 12 immersive shows over the last six years with her art gang Noodle Beaches for Meeting Witches. She has shown in NYC, California, Maine, India and Tokyo. She lives and works in New York. 

Jessica Rae Elsaesser is a poet, paper artist, symbol maker, magic practitioner and pleasure activist. She is curious about self-determination, systemic justice, embodiment, and the sacred. She is working on engraving paper, encoding poetry, recording the voices of poets, and radical self-love. 

Lauren O'Connor is a kind nomad whose determined forms traverse media as smoke changes in light. Be it ink burrowed into skin or page, her idiom evokes a mysticism which lures the symbolism of the secular plateau to a crevasse whereby experience morphs into lyrical pean. Lauren's trajectory maintains a growing rumble underfoot, her work traveling in the circus of the skin, coiling in the brain amongst the tips of tongues.

Adrienne Herr is a poet who is interested in the possibilities of performance. Topics may include but will not be limited to mind control, nature poetry, perimeters and/or paths, blackholes, professionalism, the end of dreams, and "love in late capitalism"... Adrienne is currently working on her first book of poetry. You may also find her work online at