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John Yau and Barry Schwabsky

Join us at Spoonbill Studio for readings from John Yau and Barry Schwabsky.

Join us at Spoonbill Studio for an evening with lauded New York critics John Yau and Barry Schwabsky.

John Yau presents The Wild Children of William Blake (Autonomedia, 2017).

“In the nearly fifty essays collected in The Wild Children of William Blake, John Yau explores the careers of a wide range of poets and artists who are, like the nineteenth century poet, dissenters from consensus Wallace Berman, Alfred Starr Hamilton, Jay DeFeo, Hilma af Klint, Katherine Bradford, Barbara Takenaga, Forrest Bess, Emmet Gowin, Sophia Al-Maria, and Simon Gouverneur, to name but a few. Yau locates and defines a shared sensibility among his subjects whose work is often set at an oblique angle to the larger culture.” —Autonomedia

Barry Schwabsky presents Heretics of Language (Black Square Editions, 2018).

“Literary Nonfiction. Poetics. "Barry Schwabsky carries a torch for outriders. Through an eclectic landscape of European literary modernists and contemporary 'heretics' in their tradition, he guides us with companionable verve. Schwabsky's wit—along with sharp analysis, erudite contextualizations, and refreshingly ehrlich, self-interrogating approach—make this trip from Mallarme to Hell (Richard) provocative and fun.” —Catherine Wagner