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Jess Arndt presents Large Animals

Join Catapult as we celebrate the release of Jess Arndt's debut collection, Large Animals. (Maggie Nelson called it "Acerbic, ecstatic, hilarious, and affecting.")

Experimental and inventive, Large Animals is an important book for this cultural moment—Jess’s stories grapple with gender identity, sexuality, and the nature of intimacy. But it’s not all serious; Arndt’s collection gives a humorous and matter-of-fact take on the experience of gender dysphoria as it manifests both personally and interpersonally. In one story, Lily Tomlin confuses “Jess” for “Jeff,” instigating a dark and hilarious identity crisis. Collectively, the narrators of each story challenge the limits of language to create a space with room for the undefined, the nonconforming, and the queer.