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Albert Mobilio & Jeremy Sigler

Writer/critic Albert Mobilio launches Games and Stunts (Black Square Editions), his new book of "short-short stories," at Spoonbill Studio (99 Montrose Ave). Joining Albert is writer/editor Jeremy Sigler, author of My Vibe (a Spoonbill Book).

On Games and Stunts:

"The nearly 50 short-short stories included here are based on old-time games played in parlors, basements, and fields with balls, brooms, blindfolds, and cards. As winners and losers emerge from dodge ball, word games, or balloon blowing contests, so does the theme of our inner life as ceaseless competition. There is calculation, envy, humiliation, and joy, and there is always the next round when everything might change." - Black Square Editions

"Like Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities, Mobilio’s Games and Stunts is a catalog of delights, but also of sorrows and yearnings. By means of games, real and invented, strange and cruel, and preposterous and beautiful, the book thinks about what it is to be alive, and to be among others, to triumph and to be humiliated, to feel the arbitrariness of life's constraints, and to enjoy the solitary victories they afford. It is, itself, a victory." –Paul La Farge, author of The Night Ocean

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