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Noir Nation No. 6 Launch

Noir Nation No. 6 continues the crime noir tradition by circling back to its 20th Century jazz roots. This issue, with 14 writers, including widely published powerhouse Gary Philips, and Tatiana Eva-Marie, who is publishing her first story, addresses jazz and crime, jazz and temptation, and the startling impulses that give them life and genius. As famed tenor saxophonist Sonny Rollins said, “Music represents nature. Nature represents life. Jazz represents nature. Jazz is life.” So too is Noir a kind of view of life–raw and stripped of pretense, with dark emotions fueling even darker obsessions. There are no words that better describe Noir Nation.

This issue features stories by Jonas Kyle, Tatiana Eva Marie, Gary Phillips, Bill Moody, Tigre Galindo, John Goldbach, and more.